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First, thank you for visiting the blog. To your points, you're comparing apples and oranges. Mother Teresa didn't force conversions at the point of a sword and wasn't responsible for the deaths of thousands. (Which is also why they shouldn't light up the building in honor of Pope Urban.)

From a completely secular point of view, the actions of Mother Teresa are worthy of honor. Were she NOT a religious figure, I have no doubt the building would be lit without a moments hesitation. Instead her faith is being used as justification to discriminate against her.

While many protestants are Pro-Life it is also true that it was the endorsement of contraception by mainstream protestant denominations, (in direct contravention of the beliefs of leaders of the Protestant reformation like Martin Luther), in the early 20th century, that led to mainstream acceptance of abortion. The issue for protestant denominations is that there are so many of them, and without a theological basis upon which all of them can agree and move forward.


'...as they have the courtesy to call themselves protestant rather than those who claim to be "the church" while doing their damndest to destroy it.'

As a protestant preacher's daughter, I can attest that the prods are just as anti-abortion as you my friend.

regardless of that, if it was a celebration of Muhammad's birthday, you would have a conniption..
the towers should not be lit for any religion or religious figure, unless they are lit for all of them

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