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Glen Beck was raised a Catholic and turned his back on his faith and became a Morman..Enough said..


Glenn beck social justice and the catholic perspective.. Retweeted it :)


Lawrence, thanks for visiting the blog. The next time you stop by and want to debate, don't bring a knife to a gunfight.



Your just another in the closet lib who is willing to let Obama and the democrats do whatever they want. Your a libertarian? I doubt it.

What Glen said was true, look at Jeremiah Wright or Fr. Pfleger (a CATHOLIC Priest!) Maybe if you spent time really looking at whats wrong in this country instead of covering up sex abuse from pedophile priests you'd see that being a Christian American comes before being catholic.

Jeff Miller

Beck is prone to hyperbole - so his overblown statement is not surprising. People have gone a bit overboard in reacting to hyperbole that was not meant to be an exact piece of advice. Though I am neither a Beck fan/hater.

It is too bad the left have hijacked the term social justice and narrowed it to their own definition. It is sad to see the words social justice and to instantly suspect that it is heterodox Christianity.

Though since Beck is an ex-Catholic taking advice from and apostate in a non-Christian church is not a good way to get church advice.

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