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February 27, 2009



The cesarean range in Level 2 NICU's goes up to 61%, not 36.8%. That number caught my eye because it is mathematically impossible to have an "average" cesarean rate of 37.5 if the top of the range is at 36.8. You might want to check the other numbers. does a hospital that does only 80 births per year afford a Level II NICU? Oh, wait, the only way to do it is by doing a bunch of ceasareans.

ICAN of Somerset

Ooops. Thanks Jenn. I made the correction. St James in Newark closed so that's why they only had 82 births. The c-section rate average was taken by calculating the average based on the actual number of total births and the actual number of total c-sections at Level II NICU hospitals. I did not take the average of the hospitals' cesarean rates.

Kelly t

How are these rates now in 2014? Considering mountainside in montclair, Hackensack or Englewood.

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