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November 03, 2008




Pete Fiorentino, Esq.

What were you doing in the court room to begin with.... these are CLOSED hearings, so how did you get to "sit in"? Do you realize you can get in a lot of trouble for that? And by the way, DYFS doesn't find anything. It is the Judge who makes findings, so I doubt that you were in court at all.


Don't know what you are talking about Counselor. They weren't closed hearings. I passed through 2 layers of security before entering the courtroom as an interested party. The Judge asked who was there to listen in on the DYFS case. He knew there was an audience. The Judge did actually move the case to the end (there were about 5 other cases mostly having to do with traffic violations and such) that were heard ahead of time. The mother is aware that I sat in on the case and she is very supportive. I posted my opinion of the case which is protected by my 1st Ammendment rights.


Hey Pete,
Before you go calling someone a liar, make sure you have your facts straight. It saves you considerable embarassment and indictment for boorish behavior. Rather than attack someone for expressing an opinion and questioning their integrity, how about applying your legal skills to assist the mother or even offering an opinion as a concerned citizen? Nice work, Thomas More would be proud.


Please keep us all posted, okay?


I am grateful after reading this that I live in New Zealand

ICAN of Somerset

I last talked to the mom several months ago. She still has not gotten a final ruling. The appellate court typically agrees with the lower court within 90 days if that's the way they will likely rule. It as been more than 90 days since this case was heard so that is actually a good sign.

Hopefully she will get a favorable ruling soon and can put in a claim against the hospital on behalf of her child.


Unbelievable. We, as women, are just supposed to be 'good little patients' and not question anything at all?! Knowledge is power! A 50% c-section rate is atrocious!

Randi James

Does anyone have an update on this case?


Does anyone have an update on this case?

Sadly, yes.

Ms. H

my name is Ms. Holder, and i currently have a law suit against dyfs in federal court, Newark NJ. Something very similar happend to me, which is why I am now suing DYFS, As a Parent/ U.S citizen you have more rights than you may know. You can get your precious baby back, if you would like information or help in doing so contact me at

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