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November 28, 2007




I am looking for a care-provider in Ocean or Monmouth County who will respect my friend's desire to have a natural birth. She has Type 1 diabetes and her fist child was born by c-section (doctor's convenience, the baby was perfectly healthy at 8.2 lbs). She is told that as a diabetes patient she has to go into labor at 39 weeks (the risk of stillborn increases greatly each week after that). We are not sure if these stats are based on research done on women with all types of diabetes or just type 1 and we feel this is a very important distinction. She wants a VBAC but is having a hard time finding a doctor (or midwife) who will give her proper care (respect her wishes and make a true attempt to facilitate a natural birth). She is very conscious about her health and for a person with diabetes is actually quite healthy. She has managed to reduce her insulin intake over the years through her diet, which is quite uncommon.
If you know of a good care-giver in that area could you please let us know?

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