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July 29, 2007



As I have said before, I am very proud of you. You proved them wrong and continue to help others do the same.



What a story. They did not treat you well at all at the time of your 1st daughter. The epi made me shake also.

Did you ever tell this group that you had a vbac for #2?

I never called up the group to tell them that I had a vba2cs for #3.

I often want to call the midwife from that group to tell her about my vba2cs being she told me it is absolutely NOT allowed from ACOG and really talked down to me about it. When I got off the phone, I almost was crying.

I cannot believe that they told you your chance was 5%. It really gets to me how some of these groups are. For #1, with my 1st c-section, I got treated like cr-- when I called them to tell them my dissapointment and wanting to try for a vbac. They stopped returning my calls. They said to me aboout having a healthy baby.

I love your vbac story. I think that I will read it again. Smiles. Let me know when your next ican meeting is and I may try to come from Staten Island.


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